Call/text 232-0802, we are ready and waiting for your call!

We are all about personalized and superb service! This is why we want you to call or text us 865-232-0802 so that there is an open line of communication and we can answer your questions, make recommendations, personalize your order or gift order, and give you an ETA

  1. First time customers have to call or text us 865-232-0802 so that we can have the necessary information on file [name, phone number, email, birthday, address, driver’s license number, and driver’s license expiration date]. 
  2. Next we will direct you via a link to our online store where you can search our inventory, pick out your items, and pay online with a credit or debit card. 
  3. You will be asked to show your ID to the driver upon delivery and sign for it. 

Disclaimers: If the driver arrives at the delivery location and nobody is there or we cannot hand over the products due to the person’s age (under 21) or other circumstances there will be no refunds. Delivery orders are non-refundable if the driver has already left the store with your products.