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Knoxville Room Service (KRS) Frequently Asked Questions. Please Read!!!!!!

#1 Can I have alcohol delivered same day? 

A. Yes, KRS specializes and has always specialized in the delivery of liquor, wine, beer (including plastic 54oz growlers of local beer), Cigars, mixers and non-alcoholic beverages, chocolate, and gift packages. 

#2 What is KRS doing about COVID-19? 

A.The store is closed at this time and we are not offering curbside service in order to keep the premises, our employees and ultimately you, our customers isolated, clean and safe. IT IS DELIVERY ONLY! 

B. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) has approved our “knock & drop” delivery method for the time being. The KRS delivery driver will standby (at least 10 feet away or return to the vehicle) to be sure the delivery package is picked up by an adult. *This is not regular procedure. 

C. The KRS delivery drivers are provided with Clorox wipes for the car, disposable gloves and a scarf/bandana. We have a very small staff and we continue to be vigilant about adhering to the CDC guidelines. 

#3 Is there a minimum purchase requirement?

 A. Yes, the minimum purchase amount is $35 excluding taxes, tip, delivery fee and cigs (yes we have cigs for $8 a pack in order to better serve our customers during this pandemic). Cigars do count towards the minimum purchase of $35. You will have to do the order over again if you have not met the minimum purchase requirement. We cancel the previous order and you will not be charged and will receive an email notification that the order was cancelled. 

#4 Is there a delivery charge?

 A. Yes, the delivery fee is automatically calculated based on the zip code of the delivery address. The delivery charge starts @ $7. If the zip code is not in our delivery range then it won't give you an option for local delivery. However, text or call us to discuss possible delivery for a higher order minimum and delivery fee.  

#5 Do I need to show ID to the KRS delivery driver? 

A. NORMALLY you must show photo ID. Then the driver will have you sign our delivery receipt which indicates ID was provided for each delivery.

#6 Do I have to be home to receive the delivery?

 A. Yes, the TABC requires delivery in person to the purchaser and/or their designated recipient in order to verify legal age and get a signature. NORMALLY.

#7 How do I know what you have and place my order? 

A.You can browse through our new online store. Text Knoxville Room Service @ (865) 232-0802 and we will provide the link to the online store. Add items to your cart then register your account so you can check out. If an item is out-of-stock it won’t show up but that doesn’t mean we don’t carry it. We may be getting it back in stock in the next few days. Use the link to check again in the following days or text us to ask about it. We are constantly adding more items to our selection. 

#8 Can I pay online? 

A.Yes, all payments are made online. Just add the items you want to the cart and don’t forget to include the driver tip. Go to the DRIVER TIP category and add that “item” to the cart as well. 

#9 Why do I have to text KRS to get the link to the online store?

A. We would like to open this line of communication in order answer any additional questions instantly.

B. Schedule a future delivery  if needed.

C.Tell us how to better find your house or apartment,[EX: type/color of cars in the driveway…. etc]

D. We can provide more accurate Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and updates if anything changed 

E. Get recommendations of products, cocktail recipes and/or food pairings with wine from our thoughtfully selected inventory 

#10 Can I place an order to be delivered to someone as a gift?

A.Yes, if that someone is Age 21+ and will be there to receive it. Feel free to call or text us to discuss details. Also, we are happy to help with your selection. And we will package it with tissue paper and a bow. Greeting cards are available at no charge. We will text a pic of the gift package to you.

#11 What if you don’t have what I am looking for? 

A. If KRS does not carry the item(s) you want, you may be able to special order with prepayment and we will deliver it as soon as it comes in. Please know that we do welcome and will consider customer suggestions of products to carry.

#12 How long does it take to receive my order? 

A. We will do our best to provide an ETA and/or schedule a delivery time (if available or for the next day). Please text us and let us know and we will also provide any updates on the delivery status. Again, you can and should text any particular directions or details (what cars are in the driveway, where to look for the house or lot # etc.) that will help the driver get to you faster. 

#13 I would rather not place my order online. Can I place my order over the phone?

A. Yes, if you are comfortable giving your credit card information over the phone. Please know that only our managers will handle this transaction.

#14 Is there anything else I should know?

Yes! The way to tip the driver on the online store is weird and easy to forget. We are working on figuring out a better way. You have to basically pretend like it is a product that you have to put in your cart. You can find the quick tips ($5, $10...) and custom tip options in the DRIVER TIP category, or search "tip" in the product search bar. Also, don't forget that we have a minimum purchase requirment of $35. Thank you so much!! We are truly grateful and happy to serve you!